Yandex Direct Clicker Bot


The number of users using Yandex search engine is low compared to google search engine.

Typically, the highest user search engine's advertising tool is used.

However, this takes shape according to the user the advertiser wants to access.

This program, which is prepared for advertisers using Yandex direct, is used to click the ads of your competitors in yandex search engine.

The features of the software respectively;

  • Searches for the keyword you specified using yandex search engine and clicks on the ads you specify.
  • The internet used in clicks is a 4G mobile line.
  • Clicked ads are saved as reports.
  • You can click on all languages ​​and locations.
  • 90% of clicks consist of valid clicks.
  • A certain number of ad click features are available.
  • you can exclude the desired ad.

If your competitors advertise on yandex search engine, you can get the best software service you can use to harm them.