Google Maps Comment Bot


Your Google business listing has fewer comments than your competitors ?

Are your competitors ranked higher on the keyword?

Are your map impressions low compared to your competitors?

All you need to do is use google maps comment bot.

General features of the program ;

  • You can leave as many comments as you want to the entered map record.
  • You can specify the comments yourself.
  • You can make each comment different by creating multiple comments with keywords in it.
  • You can leave an automatic comment using the automatic comment feature within the program.
  • You can divide the comments into any time interval.
  • In this way, your comments will be more organic.
  • You can comment for multiple map entries.
  • You can like the comments you have previously left in each different comment.
  • Before you comment on your map, you can search your map on Google and increase your SEO score.
  • You can activate the alarm when all comments are finished.

The software is currently inactive !!

When enabled, it will be announced from the site.