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If you are under attack by competitors or you can contact us if you want to download the competitors above you.

The ads clicker bot was developed for you with a focus on downloading your competitors' ads.

With the latest version of the software you get the best clickthrough rates.

The service continues actively.(13.06.2024)

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General features of the program respectively;

adwords click bot || google adwords mobile clicker || google ads click bot

Software enabling age-gender targeted clicks, which many other programs lack, is available. All these services are provided to you in a way that you can benefit from without investing any time.

The services offered here include various offerings such as Google Adwords settings useful for your business, including Google Adwords clicks, creating websites targeting local rankings, and highlighting your local business.

  • Clicks are made with 4G and Adsl internet.
  • The number of ip blocks used for clicks is very high.
  • In this way, ip blocking programs do not affect the software.(ClickCease, ClickGuard, Clickbrainiacs, Ppcprotect)
  • With this software you can click on all ad types.
  • All language options are available in the software. You can click on ads in all languages.
  • Click on your opponents in all locations. Any location can be imitated.
  • Clicks start with competing ads with the highest rankings and switch to another when one competitor closes.
  • A real user profile is created for each click.
  • Actual user behavior prevents invalid clicks.
  • The software runs at the time intervals you specify. 24-hour working option is available.
  • You can add multiple keywords.
  • Special measures have been taken against competitors' negative keyword blocking.
  • All ads in the desired location can be clicked.
  • Blocking the location of the parcel used to prevent fake clicks does not prevent the software from clicking. necessary measures have been taken.
  • At the end of the day, you'll receive a report where you can review how many clicks have been sent to which opponent.
  • At the end of each week, you can see the rates of adwords clicker bot with test clicks.

Grow your business even more with adwords clicker bot !!

Get rid of your competitors to reach more customers.

Be the leader in your industry with the professional ad click bot written by the most outstanding software developers.

Please email us with your keyword and location information to rent a service and get pricing information.

You can contact us 24 hours via mail.

The related team will return for you within 1 hour. (On busy days the time may be longer)

You can see the results of the test click from the pictures below.

ads mobile clicker bot

ads mobile clicker bot

adwords clicker bot

adwords clicker bot

ads clicker bot

ads clicker bot

adwords attack

adwords attack

Customers who purchase adwords clicker bot services will be given free ideas and suggestions to prevent or slow down their competitors' attacks.

Adwords click bot maintains current clickthrough rates by bypassing all google updates.

If you're unable to prevent fake clicks from Google AdWords, you must respond to your competitor who did this to you.

You must fine-tune your ads.

You should constantly follow the clicks on your ads and intervene in the attack.

After blocking google adwords fake clicks, you can leave the rest in the ads click bot.

Google does not offer any solution for invalid clicks.

Only amateur clicks are captured in the filter.

For other clicks, google says "invalid clicks will be refunded".

Repayments don't equal the outgoing money at the time of the attack.

If you want to wear out your opponent quickly, you should not consult amateur software.

This is because the amateur attacks cause the opponent to be convinced that he will get a refund.

When this happens, it will not withdraw its ad when the opponent is attacked.

If you do not want to encounter these situations, we provide you professional solutions with adwords click bot.

adwords click bot is actually unethical software. The reason for this is that advertisers harm the other party in order to win the competition between them. This competition is present in all sectors today. Although Google tries to take precautions, people are finding a way. The parties around this competition may have their own reasons. But in some cases, even in the non-competitive sector, the ambition to make more money can push people to do that. No one can be the leader in the industry where Adwords attack bot is involved. This is because there are always better developers. A person who is attacked by opponents uses the same path. whichever party has better software, that side will remain in more ads.

In fact, this situation enters unfair competition. The harm of the parties to each other causes damage in the sector. When the parties click on each other's ads, they cut their spending elsewhere to reduce the costs of their work.

But in some cases, the person is forced to do so. if he does not do what his opponents do against him, he cannot hold on to the sector. In this case we can help you. Our service is to work with only one person from the region and sector. The reason for this is to end the competition in the sector and stop the attacks. It is certain that the person reading the article on this site has been attacked by his or her competitors and has searched for a solution. We offer this software for you, you can not find anywhere else.

As a result of the further development of google ads recently, most software available on the market has become useless.The fact that most software available on the market has become useless has increased the search for new boots.

The software we offer you is currently actively working!!! (21.03.2020)

Our software is constantly updated and has nothing to do with bots in the market.

Simple software prepared in amateurish has become almost completely useless.Using the AdWords panel and fine-tuning is no longer difficult.All this information is easily available on the internet.This causes users to escape attacks more easily.In this case, do not pay for simple software in vain.You will not encounter these problems in the service we offer you.

The service continues actively.(30.03.2021)

High click-volume systems have been prepared where you can transfer the number of clicks as much as you want.

Service is provided with 2 different systems. Standard click and fast click. The purpose of making high clicks in a short time may be to prevent the competitor from getting work during the day. This situation varies from sector to sector. For best results, you can get advice from us. If your opponent is very durable or you want to make high clicks in a short time, you can contact us.

ads clicker bot

ads clicker bot service

ads clicker bot